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Cut and Fit the Final Row
Sand and Finish the Floor
Reapply - Base, Shoe Molding
Most of your slats for your wood floor have now been installed and your new floor is starting to look pretty professional. You are now approaching the point where you must install the wood at the end of the room and it looks like it could be a very difficult part of the project to complete without encountering and difficulties. Actually, you are not really sure just how to go about finishing this portion of the room. The first thing to realize is that this part of the job can be completed similarly to the way that you began the starter row, with nailing it into place by using a hammer. To fasten the joint into the middle of the final two pieces you will need to use a pry bar as well as a block of wood to ensure no damage will be done to your wall during the process. The final row can now be nailed into the sub floor.

You may need to do some cutting at this point. As you, reach the final row you can use your pry bar and the wooden block to more or less wedge your last remaining boards tightly into the necessary position. You will next have to drill several small holes concluding with face-nailing the boards where the base shoe or the baseboard molding is sure to cover, making sure to use the reference marks made along the wall to help locate the necessary joists. Set the nail heads well below the surface using a nail set and a hammer. Use a putty to fill the small nail holes and lightly sand.

If your recently installed floor is likely to trigger a difference in the level between the floor or of the hallway or possibly even the entry into another adjoining room, you will need to install a reducer strip which will create a smooth walking transition. You can find these strips, milled with either a beveled or a rounded top and it fits onto one end of the adjacent board or at the ends of the perpendicular wooden boards.

It also can be butted up against the very edges or the ends of the grooves. Once again you must face-nail these reducers towards the edge of your floor, next set the nails well below the walking surface, and finally fill with a putty which matches the wood. You will next reinstall both the base shoe and the baseboard mounted molding.

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