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After determining the width of the starter strip, it is now time for the starter row to be installed for your flooring. This needs to be done with such precision that it is necessary to steer away from do it yourself and stick with a professional.

The precision that must be had when you install the starter row has to be an accuracy of 100%, there is no room for error in any way. If the starter row is off by even a fraction, it will throw off the entire process of installing your hardwood floor.

When you hire professional installers, you will find the process to be managed so much easier. The first step at installing the starter row is snapping the chalk line to match that of the starter piece thickness. This is where the accuracy comes to play. The chalk line to start with will need to be accurate and precise, if it is not your installation will not be accurate and precise as well.

Many people choose to use the wall as their guide, this is not suggested either, and your professional hardwood floor installer will know this. Walls are typically not completely straight either and if used as a guide could mean that your floor installation will be off as well.

Leaving a gap along your wall, the professional crew will line up one edge of their starter piece with the chalk line they snapped. After lining it up with precision, holes will be drilled down the strip, typically at a precise 12-inch spacing. After the holes have been drilled, they will use #6 nails and hammer these into the subfloor to secure the wood in place.

While many projects are great do it yourself home improvement projects, it is best to leave hardwood floor installation to the professionals. They know the ins and outs of hardwood installation and can perform the project with complete accuracy and precision.

After properly installing the starter row, the next step is to nail down subsequent rows.

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