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Hardwood Floor Installation
Removing Base Molding
Removing Shoe Molding
Tack Down Building Paper
Width of the Starter Strip
Installing The Starter Row
Nail Down Subsequent Rows
Crosscut Pieces for Each Row
Fit Flooring around Obstacles
Cut and Fit the Final Row
Sand and Finish the Floor
Reapply - Base, Shoe Molding
Now that your professional installing crew has installed the starter row, they will now begin to nail down subsequent rows. This process is generally much quicker and runs more smoothly. Whereas the starter row had to be nailed down by hand, the subsequent rows will run more quickly since the professional crew can now use a flooring nailer.

The professional crew will nail down the subsequent rows using the nailer. The nailer will be placed on the edge of the wood, the tongue edge to be precise. The professional installer will then strike, using a rubber mallet, the plunger head of the nailer.

What makes installing the subsequent rows so much easier is that these new strips will slide right into place, without much effort or work. However, because of the steps prior and the steps following, it is important that you keep working with the professional floor installer. Only a professional crew can work with the precision and accuracy that is needed for hardwood floor installation.

They know just how to maneuver around obstacles and how to cut pieces properly if needed for the job. Although nailing down subsequent rows is probably the easiest of all the hardwood floor installation steps, it is the previous and following acts that are more difficult. Therefore, keeping with a professional crew throughout the entire project is suggested.

A professional offers many things that do it yourself cannot. For instance, if you are installing the hardwood floor yourself and you make a mistake, your mistake could cost you a great deal more money. Whereas, with a professional, if they make a mistake, the costs is in their hands. Furthermore, most professionals offer a guarantee on their work. If something were to go wrong within a certain period of time, they will come fix or replace the problem, without charge. However, if you do it yourself, you are responsible for the costs and repair yourself.

After nailing down subsequent rows, the next step for your professional installation crew is to use crosscut pieces for the ends of each row.

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