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Removing Base Molding
Removing Shoe Molding
Tack Down Building Paper
Width of the Starter Strip
Installing The Starter Row
Nail Down Subsequent Rows
Crosscut Pieces for Each Row
Fit Flooring around Obstacles
Cut and Fit the Final Row
Sand and Finish the Floor
Reapply - Base, Shoe Molding
This section is most likely the easiest and simplest of all the combined instructions on completing the installation of your hardwood flooring. You have now installed a suitable sub floor. It is smooth and level and when you installed your wooden top floor you experienced no problems what so ever. After you had installed the wooden slats for the top floor you proceeded to finish it in a natural manner. You are now sitting at the point where you will be need to re-installing the base and the shoe molding around the perimeter of the room. This procedure is only completed after all the other steps have been properly accomplished and checked. Your floor has now been completely sanded, highly polished and totally dry.

Think back now to when you first started this project. Remember how you had to carefully remove all of the base molding with a pry bar. You were told to hold onto this molding and now is the time we will be using it. If you wish to place any sort of finish on it this would be the time to do that. Lightly sand the surface to allow the stain or varnish to stick to it. Perhaps you desire to paint it a color. That is fine also just follow the same introductions. Lightly sand it.

If for some chance during the removal of the molding you broke any of it now is the time to rush to the limber store and replace it. When you are replacing the molding, ensure that you get the same kind of wood that ws used on the original molding as well as the same style of molding. Make sure you get the molding in one long piece as piecing them together does not present as attractive of a finished product as having it in one continuous length. Use the old molding as a template and make sure that you have the proper angels cut on it.

Now you have everything that you need you can put the molding around the flooring. Leave a slight gap under the molding where it touches the floor . This allows for any expansion. Never glue your molding in place merely tack it with a staple gun or brads.

You have now completed your installation of your new hardwood floors. You should be proud of not only your work but also of your skills.

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