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When you are having hardwood floors installed in your home, one of the first steps that has to be taken is to remove the base molding. A pry bar will be used to pull the base molding gently away from the wall. As the flooring is being installed, you will probably notice that there is a gap left along the wall. This is left there in order to allow for the development of the floor. When you notice this, don?t panic. Later this gap will be closed by molding when it is reinstalled after the new hardwood floors have been installed.

To remove base molding safely, first of all a utility knife should be used around the molding to loosen any paint that may holding it to the baseboards. This should be done to make sure that the paint on the baseboard is not damaged or chipped while removing the base molding. A stiff putty knife or even a pry bar can be used to remove base molding. It is very important that this is done very carefully so that the base board and the floor is not hurt. After the base molding has been removed, all the nails should carefully be taken out and disposed of so they cannot cause any damage or harm.

Special care should be taken to remove base molding as gently as possible. Often using a wooden block behind the pry bar being used will help to insure that your walls do not sustain any damage. Also, when the prying is being done, it should only be done in areas where there are studs in the walls, to prevent the pry bar from slipping and making a hole in the wall. Of course once the base molding is finally off, then the next step will be to get the shoe molding off as well, which is another tedious task.

Removing the base molding and the shoe molding is an important task when you are planning on having hardwood floors installed. It can be a bit tricky and difficult as well, so it is not recommended that you do it on your own. A professional service should be used for this kind of work to make sure that it is done right without any problems or accidents. Professional flooring services are experienced and can make sure that your base molding is removed and later replaced properly so that your whole flooring job looks wonderful

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