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Of all the upgrades and improvements you can make in your home, you would be hard pressed to find one that can add more value and beauty to your home than the installation of new wood flooring. Many choices exist in the type and style of wood flooring available for your consideration. Once you decide to install new flooring, research the prices and warranties available with the various flooring choices as well as the contractors available to install your new floors. You would be well advised not to attempt to do it yourself, as this job requires skill and experience. You?ve made a wise choice in improving your home?s beauty and value; you should likewise make the wiser choice of leaving the job to professionals.

In order to install new wood flooring you must first remove the existing base molding from the walls. The first step in this procedure is the removal of the shoe molding. This is the small molding at the bottom of the base molding, usually of an inch but can be or even 1 inch. You should have handy a utility knife, a good putty knife, and a pry bar of suitable size. A stud finder can also be a valuable asset.

It is most likely that your existing base molding has been in place for some time and probably has several coats of paint layered on over the years. Carefully run the utility knife blade along the top of the shoe molding to cut through the paint. This will make it easier to remove as well as prevent uneven chipping of the paint, an important consideration if you are going to reuse the molding.

Although the shoe molding is mounted against the base molding, it is still a good idea to locate the wall studs and use them as the location for prying. If there aren?t apparent indications of the stud locations you can use a stud finder to locate them. Be sure to use the stud finder along the drywall above the base molding. Once the studs are located, a putty knife is used to start the separation of the shoe molding from the base. This should be accomplished in sequence along the length of the wall. Once there is sufficient space between the moldings, a pry bar is used to continue the separation until the shoe molding is totally removed. While using the pry bar, a block of wood should be placed between the base molding and the pry bar. This serves to protect the base molding as well as to provide better leverage.

Continuing along each wall around the room, step by step, in a careful, deliberate manner should assure the successful completion of this step of preparing your room for the installation of new flooring. Once all the molding is removed, it can be sanded and repainted for reuse if you so choose. One of the most important things to remember is that the preparation and installation of hardwood flooring requires experience and skill to insure a professional result.

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