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Your first step in sanding and finishing your new floor is to rent the necessary equipment from your local equipment rental store that you will need to sand and refinish the floor. The two machines necessary is an edger and a drum sander. A drum sander is used for sanding the majority of your floor however; it cannot reach the last four inches near the wall. The edger is used to sand the last four inches near the wall. Neither of the two machines is capable of sanding in the corners so you will be required to rent a scraper, which consists of a blade held in place by a handle and made specifically for sanding corners. You will need several types of sandpaper. The first is a long strip that is used for the drum sander and the other one is a circular disk used with the edger.

Next, seal the doorway with a large drop cloth held in place with masking tape in order to keep the remainder of the house clean. It would be best if you were to keep all the sawdust from the sanding in one room or you would need to clean the entire house.

Now to start - Load your drum sander with 36 grit sandpaper. Plug the machine into the wall outlet. Prior to turning on the unit adjust the lever to ensure the sandpaper does not make contact with the floor. You will need to keep your drum sander in motion continuously or else it put groves into your wood floors. If your sandpaper happens to be touching the floor prior to being turned on it will also make a grove in the wood . Once you turn it on then lower the lever so that the sandpaper barely touches the floor. Keep moving constantly forward then backward sanding the grain in the same direction as all the floorboards. Begin in a corner of the room and drag your machine as far down the room as you can. Go over the row a few times until all the floor has been sanded. Pull up the lever to lift the sandpaper from the floor and then turn the machine off. Repeat this complete process with each row until you have sanded the entire floor.

When you have sanded with the hardest of paper, sand all the edges with the small edger and the rough sandpaper. Holding onto both handles of the edger proceed to sand around the perimeter of you room where the drum sander can not reach. When you are sanding with this sander make sure to always hold it above the floor. Never let the machine put its weight on the floor while it is operating or you will leave mark. Move your edger on the floor moving in a side-by-side direction barely touching the floor. Start the process over again until you have completely sanded the entire room

Next Change the sandpaper to a 50-60 grit in the drum sander. Sand the complete floor as you did before. Place the same grit sandpaper on the edger and then sand the room perimeter. Neither the drum nor the edger will sand the corners so you will need to either sand them manually or use the scraper. If you are use the scraper follow the manufacturers instructions.

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