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When you are thinking about installing new flooring it is extremely important to realize that you will be doing something that will affect the whole look of the room as well as impact how comfortable the room itself is. There are several steps involved in putting down flooring, but one of the most important, without a doubt is putting down the starter strip.

When you are getting ready to lay down your flooring, a starter strip is essential for many reasons. It is the strip of flooring that you lie down in order to guide where the rest of your flooring strips go, and when you are installing a hardwood floor, your starter strip needs to be cut and laid down as precisely as possible. All starter strips should be laid down for the width of your floor at points where you will be able to see the approximate widths of the first and last row. This crucial procedure is very important with regards to the eventual looks of your room.

Essentially starter strip that is of a good width will be able to show you how wide you need to make your first and last row. This is a problem that many novice hardwood floor installers come up against, that is, the fact that the wood that snugs up next to the wall ends up being extremely thin and of a size that makes it clash with the rest of the floor. Sometimes the hardwood strip next to the wall is so slender that it can't be installed properly at all, leaving the floor with a large crack. More than just appearing unattractive, this will also cause a break in the seal of your floor, leaving it vulnerable to rot, mold and other damage from water.

Laying down the starter strip for your new hardwood floor to a certain extent determines how successful the project will be. If you cut your starter strip correctly and install it correctly, you will have no problem putting down the rest of the floor. Incorrect installation of a starter strip however, can lead to some fairly significant problems in the long run.

When you are thinking about laying down a hardwood floor, remember that unless you have a lot of experience, you will want to consider hiring professionals. The floor of the room is one feature that you can always count on interacting with, so make sure that the interaction is pleasant!

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