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Reapply - Base, Shoe Molding
If you are installing hardwood floors or having them installed you will love the look they give your home. Hardwood floors are making a come back. The look is great, cleaning them is much easier than carpet, and they can add to the value of your home.

When installing the floor one option is to tack down building paper. It is by no means required but the benefits are great. By doing this you will notice that noise is reduced, you won?t hear squeaks and all those odd little sounds that you are constantly trying to figure out.

This procedure is not hard to do. Basically it just consists of stapling the paper down every ten inches or so. Make sure you overlap the paper about three inches. This can be beneficial as a vapor wall keeping moisture from gathering in certain parts of your home. It is worth the benefits to take the small amount of time required to do this.

A stapler is the only tool you will require. If you can roll paper out you can tack down building paper. If you are having the hardwood floor installed, you can ask to have this done. It is not costly and does not require a lot of extra time to do.

There are several do it yourself help sites available if you plan to install your own hardwood floors. The building paper can be purchased at your local home improvement store and instructions on using it are available as well. It is best to purchase an electric stapler for this job as it will save time and is much easier to use than the manual type.

However if you are not an expert at installing hardwood floors please consider having this done by a tack down professional. The benefits of do it yourself are great when it comes to remodeling or upgrading your home but the expense of having something redone can defeat the purpose. If this is not done properly it can cause your hardwood floor to have cracks between the boards when they contract and expand due to the temperature.

Since many rooms are not perfectly rectangular the floor has to be laid carefully or the whole thing will look crooked. You never use the wall as a guide for this because most walls are not perfectly straight. The benefits of using a tack down professional for this job will be more cost effective than having to rip a whole floor up because it ends up looking crooked.

The first step of actually installing the hardwood floor is determining the width of the starter piece. If this is not done properly it will throw the whole floor off. So before you start a project like this on your own weigh the benefits of having it installed by a professional.

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