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Installing the hardwood floor slats is very similar to putting a puzzle together. Assuming, that the floor is level this should be a simple process, that will provide the finished floor with a more balanced look.

All baseboard and molding should be removed as any differences on end pieces when finished will be hidden with the molding being re-installed. The standard gap between the flooring and the walls is 3/16 to 3/4th of an inch. Measure about required space from the baseboard and draw a line. Hardwood may expand in warm weather or contract in the cold. Stopping your flooring at this point will allow for the change in the wood. Find the longest wall that is straight as your starting point. Place the end of a board at the baseboard line you have drawn. Make sure the hardwood plank is perpendicular to the floor joist. This will provide the proper support for the flooring. Start by nailing the end of the board down into the sub-floor and joist, using a hammer and one nail. If you are even considering using the pneumatic stapler this is the one area that the stapler will not be able to reach.

Make sure that any loose sub floors are secured before beginning. The floor should be perfectly smooth. Begin by laying outr the first row of slats. The end joints of each strip of wood will require being staggered at least a foot apart from each other. The easiest method of accomplishing this is to use a different size of wood at the beginning of every row. What this amounts to is that row 1 and 3 will be even and row 2 and 4 will be even. In order for the various end pieces to fit properly you may be required to crosscut the slats. A crosscut is a cut across the grain of wood. When cutting and setting in place the wooden slats for the floor lengths that are longer than a foot should be used at the end of each row. Continue to put down boards, fitting the sides and ends together. Use the pneumatic stapler, also called a pneumatic nail gun, to attach the flooring. Tools can be rented from home improvement stores.

Do not try to take a short cut at this point or you could end of with all your ends meeting each other thus providing a unattractive appearance.

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